About Us

Skyelark Ranch is operated as a family business and partnership by us, Alexis and Gillies Robertson, with varied amounts of help and hindrance from our dogs Peat, Skye  and Bean.


Skyelark Ranch is a pasture-based livestock ranch in Yolo County’s beautiful Capay Valley. Nestled between two ridges of Northern California’s Coast Range, the Capay Valley is a twenty-mile oasis of small family farms, orchards, vineyards, olive groves, and cattle ranches. Among those small farms and ranches, Skyelark Ranch has grown from Alexis and Gillies’ innovation and determination. In 2010, after several years of working in environmental conservation, Alexis and Gillies followed their passion for combining local, high quality food production with sound environmental stewardship practises to a begin a life in sustainable livestock production, and are delighted to welcome you to the website of Skyelark Ranch.

At Skyelark Ranch, our goal is to raise livestock in a way that is at once humane and in balance with the land and our community. We have developed this site to provide you with a constant window onto our ranch, and although we
 would love for you to visit us in person, we hope that this site can serve as a substitute gate for constant access to the ranch, a fence for conversation and discussion, and as a roadside store. It is our hope that you find all you want to know (and more) about our farm, our products, and our commitment to producing the highest quality lamb, pork, chicken, eggs, and fiber. Follow the links to the individual species pages to learn more of our animal husbandry practices, our breed choices, and the products they provide.

Please take your time looking around and enjoy the sights of Skyelark Ranch, (although normal farm rules apply – please leave all gates as you find them, and watch where you put your feet), and thanks for visiting.

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Alexis and Gillies Robertson