At Skyelark Ranch, our poultry are raised with their feet in grass and their beaks in the fresh, clean air of the Capay Valley. We currently raise chickens for both egg production and meat as well as Pekin ducks.



Skyelark Ranch broiler chickens are raised in what Foragingis known as a ‘Day Range’ system. This means our birds are free to scratch, peck and run around the orchard during the day and are tucked in to their portable huts at night to protect them from the elements of the Capay seasons and from the numerous resident predators. The huts are moved for each new flock of chickens to allow them a fresh area of the orchard. This helps spread the nutrient load around the ranch promoting healthy soil and forage, as well as ensuring the birds are as healthy and happy as possible.





The grass and sunlight, and the foraging for bugs and grubs that the chickens do in the orchard promotes the chicken-ness of the chicken in life as well as enhancing the flavor, texture and nutrient density of the birds when on the table. Skyelark Ranch birds are happy and healthy, and produce a quality of dressed bird that cannot be surpassed by conventional confinement methods.






20150129_090724Skyelark Ranch eggs are produced by hens which spend the vast majority of their time outside, foraging for bugs, grubs and seeds. Unlike our broiler chickens, our laying hens have a natural instinct to roost at night, and so we provide them with a safe and comfortable place to sleep. First thing in the morning, the hens are out and about (or in a nest box laying the all important egg) in their orchard pasture. Their roost huts are moved regularly onto new forage to allow the soil to rest and recover which provides us our animals with a new, fresh  and healthy supply  of grass the next year. Currently our hens are a mixture of Rhode Island Reds, Barred Rocks, Production reds, and several Bitza chickens……bitza this, and bitza that.



10574333_726993747338054_6503962863713873689_nOur eggs are shaded anywhere from light brown to terracotta and, depending on the time of year and the hens available forage, the yolks can be a vibrant deep orange or a lighter yellow. No matter the season, we gather and wash our eggs twice daily and so they are always fresh, creamy, and delicious.






At Skyelark Ranch, we also raise pastured Pekin ducks twice 20150901_115649a year in the spring and fall when the weather is at it’s best and the grass is at it’s greenest. We also occasionally raise heritage breed and standard breed turkeys. Whatever the species, all of our poultry are raised in a rotational pasture-based system giving them the most access to fresh forage, fresh air and a healthy and happy life which translates into the most nutrient rich and naturally delicious meat and eggs.





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