It's usually quite busy around here at Skyelark Ranch. We raise, sheep, pigs, and a variety of poultry, all of which as naturally and humanely as possible. Scroll down to visit with each of our animals, just mind where you put your feet! 


Our sheep flock is a mix of California Red, Dorper, and cross-bred sheep. We were lucky to find our original California Red flock from a local sheep farmer in the Capay Valley back in 2011. The basis of our flock still comes from those ewes and we can trace most of our current ewes (some by sight alone) back to our original flock of twenty sheep! We started adding dorpers into our flock a few years ago. The dorper is a breed developed specifically for meat production while the California Red provides both lamb and wool. Both breeds, however, have delicious, sweet, and flavorful meat with just enough "lamb flavor" to impress even the biggest lamb fans. Due to spending their entire lives on pasture and never being fed grain, routine-antibiotics, or being kept in a feed lot, our lambs and sheep are raised stress-free which ensures a quality of meat not found in many supermarket shelves.  

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Pastured pork

We raise free-range, heritage Berkshire (Pronounced "Bark-shire") pigs, a breed well known for their naturally flavorful meat, their hardiness for life outdoors, and generally mellow dispositions, for  easier everyday handling. We also have a small number of Berkshire X Tamworth piglets, which come from crossing our Tamworth boar with our pure Berkshire sows. this cross are known as "plumb pudding pigs" due to their red and black mottling. Our hogs are fed a Certified GMO-Free pelletized hog feed. Our sows give birth (farrow) in our barn stalls, naturally and without restraint. We provide buffers to prevent the sow from accidentally smothering her piglets, but allow the process to be as interference-free as possible. After farrowing, the sow and her piglets join our nursery group before weaning after which they all go back out to our pastures with the rest of the herd. 


Pastured eggs

Our pasture-raised eggs come from hens that spend almost every daylight hour outside, grazing, and scratching for bugs, grubs and seeds. We rotate their movable huts around the ranch to ensure they are on fresh ground as often as possible giving the hens lots of room to explore and to spread that nutrient-rich and all-natural fertilizer around keeping our pastures healthy and the grass growing.


Pastured poultry

We primarily raise Cornish Cross chickens, but occasionally also raise ducks and turkeys. Whatever the species, they are given the same access to fresh pasture and are rotated around the ranch with movable shelters for safety and shelter. Our poultry are fed a certified GMO-free pelleted poultry feed, providing the nutrients required for a healthy and balanced diet. We do not use routine antibiotics, or growth hormones in any of our livestock feeds.