Website relaunch 2018!

Hi all!!

It's been quite a while since we last posted or wrote anything of note, other than keeping you all up to date on the social media side of life - which, by the way, is a great place to see what farmy shenanigans we're up to on an (almost) daily basis - click the links below to get teleported over to our Facebook or Instagram pages (once you're through reading this, of course).

It's also been a long time coming for us to revamp our website. So, here it is - two birds with one stone! Our new website (as you can no doubt see) is up and running, and it also includes this here blog page, which we will attempt to keep up to date with greater frequency than over the previous few years! Yes, years! We've been at this Lark since 2010, which is quite shocking when one thinks about it.

Anyway. Welcome, feel free to browse around, if you have that kind of time to spare and I will endevor to write a more in-depth update on our last few weeks' adventures in the next couple of days!

Gillies and Alexis